What a miserable week!

Projekt Longterm, Team 2; blogg 2007-08-19

Av Prof. Per Mller, PhD Nicolaj K.Larsen, Lektor Eric S.Hansen, PhD Henriette C. Linge

What a miserable week! We have just had one possible working day. Since last Tuesday it has been dark clouds, rain and snow, and a wind trying to blow the camp away. The wind died away after lunch yesterday, and there was hope for weather improvement. But during the night the storm hit us with all its powers, and we have now (when this is written on Sunday night) been fighting the storm for 20 hours, clearing the tents

from drifting wet snow and securing tent pins with large boulders as the wind pressure drag them out of the now very wet silty ground. Above all, we must have the quite large kitchen tent secured, and one person is

sitting there all the time to give alarm if anything breaks. So now it is a matter of survival. Team 1 is even worse off, having had 25 m/s wind for seven days now, and about a metre of snow.

Our landing strip is still 2 metres below water, so this will not be useable for the evacuation, originally planned to take place next Monday the 26th. We have located the alternative landing strip that the Twin

Otter found on its last visit to be two kilometres away, and marked it up with canvas sacks. The distance is too much for carrying all equipment, so we must bring in one of the terrain vehicles that team 1 has been using for transport. Weather forecasts give us hope for an improvement in a few days, and as everything has developed with winter approaching, we will try to get the Twin Otter up from Iceland as fast as we can and evacuate of all teams to Station Nord as fast as weather permits; we would not like to be trapped in another week-long storm!

This earlier evacuation ? if possible - will not mean so much for our scientific work. We could still use three full working days, but these should then be spent on object with a lower priority. This is how it works in the Arctic, you never now what weather will permit you to do, and we have been extremely lucky for the first three weeks of the expedition!


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